Language Club “English in Action”


For full language immersion a foreign language club “English in Action” has been created at Ekibastuz Polytechnical College. During its work a lot of interesting activities were held to train and develop students’ as writing as well as speaking skills.

Essay Contest “Language – the road map of a culture”

This competition was held among the students of the first and second courses to train writing skills and the ability to express their own opinion in foreign language.

Intellectual Game “English Experts”

 The game was held among freshmen students to check their knowledge not only in language, but in study of English-speaking countries.

Independence Day

This activity was devoted to the 27th anniversary of Independence of our country, where the students took an active part and expressed their knowledge in three languages.

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Неделя языков

Неделя языков

Открытие "Недели языков "

Неделя языков

Лингвистический конкурс среди первых курсов

Неделя языков

Конкурс "Полиглот"